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Dr.emad M.Jassim
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Dr.Hassan T.Umaer
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Adnan D.Abid
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Allaadeen M.Hamdan
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Abd Albasit A.Abdalraheem
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Safaa H.Nssaif
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Dr.Sami A.Calawy
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Rafal R.Gazy
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Dr.Talal H.Kalil
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Fadia M.Esmail
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Dr.Jalal A.Kalaf
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Dr.Ahmed F.Hussain
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Dr.Qaid H.Dahash
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Dr.Moshtaq T.Whaeb
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Dr.Balasim A.Abdolla
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Montaser A.Kareem
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Dr.Kalifa A.Aouda
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A law is not enough lonely for protecting an information, and regulatory strategies are...
Thanks God that The Juridical and political science Journal has successfully got the Journal Impact...
In accordance with the direction of the Dean, of Faculty of Law and Political Science, Assistant...
Dr.Sami Calawy Published in al-Enteshar al-Arabi, English, Issue 309, California Abstract The...
Published in ‘Orientalia’ 2/2007, New Bulgarian University Abstract Based on the theory of...
The Use of Technology Tools in the Fight against...
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Global Impact Factor
Syria: Balancing and Bandwagoning
Iraq’s Sectarian Disputes: Causes and Consequences

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