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Adnan D.Abid
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Allaadeen M.Hamdan
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Abd Albasit A.Abdalraheem
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Safaa H.Nssaif
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Rafal R.Gazy
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Dr.Talal H.Kalil
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Fadia M.Esmail
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Dr.Jalal A.Kalaf
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Dr.Ahmed F.Hussain
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Dr.Balasim A.Abdolla
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Dr.Kalifa A.Aouda
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Global Impact Factor

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Updated   25/01/2016 9:13 AM

    In accordance with the direction of the Dean, of Faculty of Law and Political Science, Assistant Professor Dr. Khalifa Ibrahim Udah Al-Tamimi, and his direct supervision. Besides, the persistent effort and determination of the Editorial Board presented by the Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Turki Umeir, the editor of ( the Journal of Juridical and political science). This Journal has got the impact factor for the Global Institution of Impact Factors,, (GIF). As the impact factor of 2014 has amounted to (0.512) and to (0.650) for the year 2015.
On this occasion, the Journal's editor body presents its sincere congratulations and blessings to the Faculty's staff of Law and Political Science for the scientific achievement. As it initiates the ranks of promotion and development along with Iraqi, Arab and International scientific journals. To serve the scientific procession and the new Iraq as well.

College of Law and Political Sciences University of Diyala