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powers of admins

The powers of Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs  Exercise Associate Dean of the Faculty or Institute the following powers to facilitate business divisions: -    

Administrative powers 

1 - Placement of work of administrative staff and technicians in the college all the people in accordance with the requirements of the work in college and distributed among those people to ensure the interest of the college and its needs. 

2 - issue orders to recruitment, placement and referral to retirement and integrity except for the implementation of the Revolution Command Council Decree No. 550 with 1989. 

3 - Approval to grant leave for routine technicians, administrators and employees of contractors from college to enjoy it inside and outside Iraq.

4 - the recommendation to upgrade employees of the College of technicians and administrators.

5 - to approve the mandate of the Staff College and university affiliates to work overtime. 

6 - Approval to accept the medical reports issued from inside and outside Iraq to employees of the College to be all those reports meet the regulations and provisions contained in the system Vacations 

7 - Sick of figure 76 for the year 1959, as amended. 

8 - make the necessary movements in the administrative staffing at the college and signed with public interest and in coordination with the faculty and the heads of the scientific departments. 

9 - Signature of issuing orders for granting leave and the regular summer holidays and bonuses to those prescribed by law shall be referred to the retirement of employees of the college. 

10 - the signing of the forms of annual increments and promotions of personnel managers and technicians. 

11 - granting maternity leave and females from birth to college all the decisions and instructions by the window.        

Financial powers       

1 - Approval to transmit the statements and additional periods in accordance with the relevant committees and in accordance with the general conditions of contracts, laws and regulations. 

2 - granting cash incentives and rewards for outstanding Mnspe college and including not to exceed (10000) ten thousand dinars in each case. 

3 - Validity of the distribution of financial allocations needed between the scientific departments and in coordination with the Heads of scientific departments. 

4 - approval and advances the exchange of IFAD Tdresen, technicians and managers to employees of the College within the country and the periods appropriate to accomplish the task. 

5 - to approve the grant allocations professional, engineering and infection and the risk allowance and other provisions established in accordance with the laws, regulations and instructions. 

6 - Recommendation to refer the employees of the department to investigate according to the law of discipline of State employees.     

Administrative powers    

1 - the signing of the form of annual increment and promotion in the field of President to direct all employees of the department and the recommendation by giving them bonuses and promotions. 

2 - Approval to grant employees leave the service's regular undergraduate is entitled under paragraph (a) of Article IX of the Law University Service No. (142) for the year 1976 for the enjoyment of the inside diameter, covered, taking into account the provisions of (1) of the article mentioned above. 

3 - Approval to grant an employee of the university service employees of the department or section for accumulated leave regular service outside the holders of teaching or found on the service according to the law, including university and does not contradict with the work requirements. 

4 - guide books thanks and appreciation to the employees of the department or section, as well as those from the outside in cases of outstanding performance. 

5 - recommending the granting of fellowships and study leave to employees of the department. 

6 - distribution of duties to employees of the department or section to section according to Matmelih scientific interest and the issuance of administrative orders to do so. 

7 - to invite the department to convene in special sessions when necessary. 

8 - to issue orders to the alert and the failure of students Bagheiabat or when negligence and violating the regulations and instructions


College of Law and Political Sciences University of Diyala