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the law dep.


The Law Department

Word of The Head of The Department 

The law department has been established in10/11/2010 due to the urgent need for this vital and active role in supplying the information and developing the academic and legal culture in conformity with the development in the law colleges in the country. Moreover, the department has its essential role in development and research through participating inscientific conferences set by the college and through activating the scientific interaction with the equivalent colleges to get benefit from their scientific experiences.

The Department Objectives

 The department aims at achieving the following objectives:

1.Preparing and qualifying students and providing them with higher level of knowledge in field of their legal specialization.

2.The advancement of the scientific reality of students and urging them to participate in preparing researches which contribute in raising the legal level.

3.Encouraging the legal, scientific and cultural activities.

4.Seting a legal competent staff which can serve all the province offices. 

College of Law and Political Sciences University of Diyala