The Objectives

The Objectives 

The college aims to:

1-Provide the adequate scientific environment for releasing  creativity in various legal and political sciences by adopting outstanding academic programs in order to have trained and qualified graduates practicing the legal and the political business, to promote  the spirit of citizenship and to build meaningful democracy.

2- Provide graduates with the necessary skills for sustaining  education, equip them with the capabilities that enable them banking up the legal knowledge by themselves .. and inspire them being update and keep pace with the new developments.

3- Contribution to spreading and developing the legal culture in the community through giving lectures, seminars and continuing education by the specialized professionals in law for various governmental and non-governmental institutions.

4- Submit specialized  advisory and technical services such as  explaining  the laws, commenting on the decisions of the judiciary, and providing legal advice and show the significance  of applying the law as the most effective way to achieve justice and reveal the truth.

5- Encourage scientific research in all areas of legal specializations by conducting and disseminating scientific research.

6. Contribution of  all college's instructors and graduate students to building a society that can achieve the highest degree of commitment for the principles of human rights and democracy. Moreover, provide the other colleges of the university with professionals regarding to democracy and human rights.

7- Raise the level of faculty members and work out to upgrade scientific and academic research as to contribute to developing the curriculum at the national level as well as to promote the spirit of participation and acquire experience by being involved in scientific conferences and international, Arab and local training courses.

8- Ensure all the requirements for improving quality assurance standards to ensure their conformity with the approved Arab and international standards.

9- Seek  for bridging the gaps among  Arab and international counterparts colleges and holding scientific and cultural cooperation agreements in order to catch up with the latest developments that serve our college efficiency and the performance to get the best procedure of teaching and learning process and skills of knowledge.   

10- Support and encourage the distinctive students and open the way in front of them to have a training course, in the legal clinic which is one of the formations of our college, to let them working out and training. Moreover, encourage faculty members to excel and urge them to make scientific efforts to improve their scientific performance.

11- Identify the requirements of resources and distribute them to the disciplines and functions to ensure the effective implementation of the system of quality assurance. To have a look at the different types of educational technology worldwide how to use them.

12- Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops to increase scientific debates between academics and professionals.

13- Sustain academic achievement for graduates by providing the required rehabilitation and improving the scientific program of postgraduates in the specialty of law and political sciences to get the master degree or the doctorate.

14- Maintain the appropriate atmosphere scientifically, academically and educationally expressing solidarity and brotherhood among all students and instructors components and being away from external influences as to enhance the spirit of solidarity and interdependence between the students and the educational body to overcome all difficulties hindering the process of teaching to achieve the best  performance for the college .

15- Ensure the best and the latest scientific methods of teaching for conveying the scheduled program and getting away from the routine of traditional performance by searching for the best modern electronic means in the lecture and the promotion of education between students and teachers by being coherent and harmonious to get the most benefit of information.

16- Propagate the culture of law and defense the rights for ascetic social classes through free advocacy and legal clinic as a contribution from the college to prevail justice and equality.



College of Law and Political Sciences University of Diyala