the political dep.


Statement by the President Department of Political Science 

           He says: In the name of God the Merciful, "and he will see God's work and His Messenger, and then you respond to the world of the unseen and the certificate will tell ye" (Surah Repentance / 94), has been the development of the political science department at the beginning of the second half of 2009, one of the scientific departments of the Faculty of Law and Political Science - University of Diyala, according to Ministerial Order No. (cfu / 1210) on 07.21.2010, and the university under the command No. (9131) at 12/08/2009.Section has initiated administrative and scientific tasks in the Faculty of Law from 13.08.2009 under Administrative Order No. (182) on 30.08.2009 issued by the Dean of the Faculty of Law / University of Diyala.Duration of the study in section (4) four years where the student receives theoretical and practical lessons in the general competence of political science, like the scientific departments in colleges debate in Iraqi universities .The department aims to prepare students science through theory and practice and in accordance with the methodology of scientific research in the competence of political science and develop their skills and abilities to analyze scientific and objective and exploring the political future in accordance with the variables of local, regional and international as well as the rehabilitation is well to take public and private employment in the ministries of the State in general and particularly the Ministry of State to have scientific qualifications in the area of competence 0  Section received during the academic year (2009/2010 m) (83) of the admitted students to accept a central In the academic year (2010-2011) was received (118 students), and in the Plan section for next year's reception (75 100) students under the guidance of the faculty. 

Dr.Talal Hamed

Head of the Department of Political Science     

Faculty of Law and Political Science    

College of Law and Political Sciences University of Diyala