Administrative Assistant

"In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, Most Compassionate"   The Praise to be to Allah that opting us with the grace of science, drawing us this way and embraced us to be of its passerby, asking God to be a good example for our peers and our successors.

Proceeding from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Act, which grants the college the moral personality, administrative, financial independence and legal capacity required to achieve its goals, a wide range of tasks and duties entrusted to College Board emerged, which is headed by Dean and one of its members is the Dean Assistant of Administrative and Financial Affairs.

The College Board aims to help every college (including our college) to achieve the goals for which they are established and found. These tasks and duties have been distributed in a form of managerial hierarchy which is commensurate with the importance of the administrative decision published under the powers of guide reference prepared by the ministry in this regard. Accordingly, a number of tasks and duties entrusted to the Dean Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs, the most important of which are the administrative organization of the College and maintaining the operation of this public facility regularly and steadily in addition to creating and making decisions to ensure its pacing regularly to meet the largest public needs and provide as much public benefit as possible in line with being a general moral character independent and legal capacity, taking into account the implementation of all applicable laws controlling these behaviors. Moreover, the financial independence imposes a set of tasks the most important of which are setting up the financial plan to ensure coverage of the overall needs of the College during the fiscal year and to ensure that each employee meets all of his rights from the financial dues taking inconsideration being careful for  the public money and being not spurning for any reason, and taking actions to make all administrative and financial changes to achieve better functional performance living up college-level performance, which is reflected directly on improving the scientific march the targeted objective behind doing all these actions.  

                               "We ask Allah for success"  

                         the powers of Administrative Assistant 

College of Law and Political Sciences University of Diyala